Collaborative Reporting

Collaborations are an important aspect of the Pittsburgh Media Partnership, and those collaborations have taken many different forms since the Partnership’s inception in 2020. In 2022 alone, the Partnership awarded more than $12,000 in grants to allow members to pursue four major stories/series: One on equity in the Pine Richland school district (Pittsburgh Institute for Nonprofit Journalism [PINJ]), another on mental health issues in Pennsylvania jails (PINJ & Spotlight PA), a series highlighting Pittsburgh’s Latino communities (Pittsburgh City Paper & Pittsburgh Latino Magazine), and a series of profiles on the Pittsburgh agriculture project “Sowing Soil with Soul” (Soul Pitt Media and The Allegheny Front). In February 2023, the Partnership approved a $5,000 grant to enable more than a half-dozen outlets to pursue stories that are part of a series on misinformation/disinformation.